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Violence, although declining in most U.S. cities, there are still a few that struggle with alarming homicide rates, a lot of them being children. 

Just this past year,
(2023) according to WHAS11, Louisville has reached triple digits in the number of homicides for the fourth year in a row with a total of 105 homicides--not including the 408 other shootings with one victim being 5 years old. 

WREG Memphis shows that Memphis also has homicides in the triple digits with a souring total of 395. WSB-TV Atlanta shows that 131 Georgia teens were shot to death in 2023.
The Fellowship Warriors Project
The Fellowship Warriors Project
Our main goal currently is to reach the community. 

In order to do this we will provide multiple areas of interest for the youth of Atlanta to enjoy whether it be a traveling basketball clinic where the community is given the opportunity to participate in a collaborative sport that is not only fun but a good steward of our goal. 

Or, providing intern opportunities to college students interested in journalism and broadcast media while covering the ABA basketball team the Southwest Warriors. These opportunities will provide mentorship and positive encouragement towards physical fitness, nutrition and conflict resolution.
Along with these traveling basketball clinics, the Fellowship Warriors will host a community basketball game along with the members of the local community (i.e. law enforcement, clergy, etc.). 

This event will help to grow the relationships within the community and eventually decrease hostility and build trust. And with these growing relationships, the youth will have a stronger community to depend on and the lines of communication between different community programs and initiatives will be open for all to benefit.
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